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STANDARD LABEL UPCHARGES 52 HELPFUL INFORMATION BLEED: $30.00* Charge applies when the ink extends to the edge of the label. NO CHARGE for a bleed on process color labels. COLOR MATCH: $42.00* Charge applies when specifying an ink color other than the standard inks listed in this catalog. Supply a PANTONE number from the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® guide, or enclose a color swatch. We will match the coated version unless otherwise noted on the order. Color matches are guaranteed within a shade lighter or darker to the swatch provided. COMBINED ORDERS You may combine label orders for quantity pricing when they are the same size and ordered at the same time. • COPY CHANGE: $18.00* • INK CHANGE: $18.00* • PAPER CHANGE: $18.00* • FOIL STAMP COPY CHANGE: $25.00* • FOIL STAMP INK OR PAPER CHANGE: $18.00* • PROCESS COLOR COPY CHANGE: $25.00* Minimum quantity per copy change – • 500 for spot color • 250 for weatherproof, bumper stickers, CN and Static Cling • 100 for process color NOTE: Combining orders may affect the turnaround time of your order. Blank laser labels and Promotional Products cannot be combined for quantity pricing. LAMINATION Lamination is charged as an additional ink color. It adds gloss, enhances color and provides a scuff- resistant surface. We do not recommend writing or typing on laminated labels. PROOFS Turnaround time does NOT begin until the proof has been approved. PDF PROOF: $15.00* Proof will be sent via email. $10.00* charge to change copy or layout aer proofing is complete. PAPER PROOF: $15.00* Proof will be sent via fax. $10.00* charge to change copy or layout aer proofing is complete. COLOR PAPER PROOF: $22.00* Proof will be sent via Expedite. $13.50* charge to change copy or layout aer proofing is complete. PRESS PROOF Standard Rates - additional charges may apply based on order specifications. • One color label $30.00* • Static Cling $30.00* • Laser Labels $55.00* • Foil Imprint or Embossed $55.00* • Process Color Labels $35.00* • Process Color + Foil Imprint/Embossed $55.00* Add $15.00* for each additional color and/or lamination. All press proofs are sent via Expedite service. Proof turnaround will match the turnaround of the product being ordered. If copy or layout changes are needed aer the proofing process is complete, a 2nd press proof charge will apply. PERFORATION: $30.00* Available in most die cut sizes. Some sizes are automatically perforated at no charge. These sizes include: 5 x 4, 5 x 3, 4 x 3; all stock mailing labels; all computer labels. (Ask for details.) ROLLS All labels are finished on rolls unless otherwise noted on your order. The quantity per roll will be determined by the factory. If you require a specific amount per roll, please see a sales associate. • 100-249 – 35¢ per roll • 250-499 – 20¢ per roll EXTENDED LIFE DURABLE DECALS are finished in a sheeted format. You may receive multiple labels per sheet. SCREENS All screens are produced at 133 lines per inch with a minimum tint of 2% up to a maximum tint of 80% and a 60 degree angle. We prefer that you provide a solid for us to screen or send a disk. Process Color screens are produced at 150 lines per inch. 200 lines per inch screens are available upon request. Reflective Labels and Extended Life Durable Decals are produced at 85 lines per inch. $35.00* per screened color. SINGLE LABELS: $30.00* Individually die cut or square cut labels in a stack. Square cut labels require an additional charge for a tab or score. See sales associate for details. Reflective Labels and Extended Life Durable Decals are finished in sheets. Multiple labels per sheet may be supplied. • ANYSHAPE™ LABELS: $35.00* SPECIAL LABEL STOCKS: REMOVABLE: The following stocks are available with removable adhesive. There is no charge for this feature on quantities up to 14,999. Labels will be removable from various surfaces for 3 to 6 months. • White Gloss • White Litho • Yellow Fluorescent • Green Fluorescent • Orange Fluorescent • Red Fluorescent • Pink Fluorescent PLIA-A-PRINT: Recommended for plastic or glass surfaces or surfaces that are curved. Available in white litho only. There is no charge on quantities up to 14,999. OPAQUE: Opaque labels are used to cover up a mistake on an expensive form or brochure. You cannot see through the opaque backing. There is no charge for this feature on quantities up to 14,999. CLEAR POLYPROPYLENE: (non-weatherproof) For clear polypropylene with no lamination, add 50% to the base paper cost. WHITE VINYL, YELLOW VINYL OR CLEAR POLYPROPYLENE REMOVABLE: (non-weatherproof) For stock with no lamination, add 75% to the base paper cost. MATTE SILVER POLYESTER, BRUSHED SILVER POLYESTER, OR SHINY SILVER POLYPROPYLENE: (non-weatherproof) For stock with no lamination, add 100% to the base paper cost. TINTING White label stock can be custom tinted to any ink color. This is charged as an additional ink color. If the tint color is a custom match, an additional $42.00* will apply. NOTE: Tinted label stock cannot easily be wrien or typed on. ADHESIVES Permanent adhesive is supplied on all label orders unless otherwise specified. See a sales associate about availability and pricing for special adhesives. NOTE: For best adhesion, apply labels at room temperature to any clean, dry, oil-free, non-textured, non-coated surface. If in doubt as to label adhesion to a product, we will provide samples. Litho and Gloss stocks are not recommended for application to vinyl products. ARTWORK Supported programs include: We will typeset 10 lines of text at NO CHARGE. See associate for artwork requirements. BLANK LABELS Deduct 30% from the base cost for BLANK die cut, square cut or computer labels. FONTS We have the entire Adobe Font library. When submiing art files, please embed the fonts in your file. INKS Our inks are water based and are not opaque. EXAMPLE: blue ink on yellow fluorescent stock will appear green. LABELS TO BE TYPED ON Only litho or fluorescent label stock can be typed or wrien on. Tinted labels, gloss stocks or weatherproof labels do not accept typing or some pens or pencils. PRINT MARGIN We require a 1/8" print margin from each edge of the label. The same print margin is required for stock mailing label borders. • Adobe Illustrator® • Adobe Photoshop® • QuarkXPress™ • Adobe InDesign® • Adobe Acrobat® PDF

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